TROPICO(season 1)

Produced/directed by Marco Pavone

Music by Luna

12x12min series


SYNOPSIS - Against global warming, the governments have created a huge natural reserve evacuating humanity below tropic of cancer.

Misteriously there is still human life in that reserve, and a few humans survive organized in tribes.

A Spy will be infiltrated by Northern emisphere among the primitives to investigate.

The most cruel animal is the human being. 80% darkness. 20% lightness.





Produced/directed by Marco Pavone


URSS, 1946. Yuri is a shy, insecure boy. His only friend is “Huglyhat” (in italian “Cappellaccio”), a puppet with a big hat. One night, after an accident, they have to go through the woods together. According to an old legend, a terrible ghost hides in this mysterious, gloomy place, ready to attack anyone who violates his domain. That night, to save his parents, Yuri has to confront the ghost, and reveal its mystery witch will lead him to self awareness and to his destiny.


Produced/directed by Marco Pavone


EUROPE, 2047. In an apocalyptic atmosphere where the Earth has become a great desert, Milos is a teen-ager committed in an environmentalist struggle,who dreams to save the planet from destruction. Betrayed by his friends, he soon finds himself alone, chased by police. Whilst he’s on the run, Milos feels his diversity growing stronger and stronger, to the point of believing he’s an alien sent to Earth to carry out a mysterious mission. Is Milos really an Alien or is he simply mad?


Produced/directed by Marco Pavone


Alan Burlesque is a very important politician. His power is great and unchallenged. Nobody can stop him. Nobody, except a misterious black woman in burka. She’s a very dangerous presence in the Alan life, and she menaces to destroy it.